Transformation Tools


Transformation surveys – sometimes referred to as impact surveys – seek information regarding economic, personal, and other social changes in clients’ lives at a result of acquiring your services. These surveys are generally done on a sample basis, with a range of clients on different loan cycles (post first loan cycle).

It is important to note that when tracking a client’s progress, it is essential to apply the same survey questions to the same client at two or more points in time in order to accurately measure transformation.

Why use transformation surveys?

  • Understand the impact you are having on clients’ lives
  • Use information gathered to tailor products and services to better serve clients
  • Report to external stakeholders on impact

Information gathered from this tool:

The following are some examples of the information you can gather from transformation survey tools:

  • Economic change (income level, jobs created)
  • Personal change ( access to appropriate health services, access to sanitation facilities, decreased vulnerability)
  • Social change (access to education for children, participation in key household and community decisions)
  • Spiritual change (increased love for God and neighbour)

The main purpose of impact surveying is to try to understand the changes happening in clients’ lives and whether these are due to participation in your program.

Deciding what information to collect

There are a number of areas in which you may wish to understand change, the following are some examples:

  • Business type or size
  • Education expenditure/changes
  • Job creation
  • Household income and expenditure
  • Access to healthcare
  • Asset ownership
  • Housing
  • Diet/food consumption
  • Empowerment
  • Ability to cope with external shocks which cause financial distress/burden
  • Relationship with community

Because there are many areas that could be examined, it is extremely important to focus on key issues for your organisation. This should be drawn directly from your mission.

Survey Examples

Below are some examples of partner transformation surveys. Please note that these should be adapted to meet the needs of your organisation.

Partner Example – Transformation Survey (OBUL)

Partner Example – Transformation Survey (UOB)

Partner Example – Transformation Survey (ASKI)

Partner Guideline – Transformation Survey (ASKI)

Partner Material – Client Transformational Survey (Margdashak)

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