Define and Monitor Social Goals (Dimension 1)

This section of the Hub will guide you through implementation of Dimension 1 of the Universal Standards: Define and Monitor Social Goals. Click to learn about the Universal Standards Framework

This Dimension is broken into 2 Standards:

  • Developing a Strategy to Achieve your Social Goals (Standard 1A)
    This section is fundamental to the success of your social performance strategy. It involves defining your social mission, and breaking this into social goals, for which you define social targets and social indicators to track your progress in achieving these goals. This will then allow you to incorporate your mission statement into business strategy.
  • Collect, report, and ensure the accuracy of client-level data (Standard 1B)
    Once you have defined your social indicators you will need to collect, store, manage, analyse and report relevant data that can be used for effective decision making. This section will assist you in “Mapping” your MFIs social indicators; designing the data tools and processes that will be used; and implementing this “End-to-end process”.

Before You Start: Download and Save the Social Performance Workbook

The social performance workbook tool has been designed by Opportunity International to assist with:

  • breaking down the mission statement into social goals and objections
  • defining indicators
  • setting targets
  • listing activities to reach your goals

We will refer to this tool throughout Dimension 1 of the Universal Guidelines, please download and save it in an easy to access location.

Click to learn about Developing a Strategy to Achieve your Social Goals (Standard 1A)

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