SPI4 Tool

About SPI4

The SPI4 tool will assist you in conducting a self assessment to assess your MFIs current practices against the Univeral Standards of Social Performance Management (The Universal Standards). The SPI4 is also the SPM reporting tool that Opportunity International requires all of its members to complete and submit on a quarterly basis.

The SPM Champion will be responsible for completing and submitting SPI4 to the Opportunity International SPM team on a regular (quarterly) basis. Completing the tool may require, for example, interviews with different department heads, and may have someone other than the SPM Champion filling in the tool. Ultimately however, it is the responsibility of the SPM Champion for completing and submitting SPI4.


Opportunity International, in partnership with Cerise has developed an Opportunity partner-specific SPI4 tool that will enable you to report more efficiently and make more effective decisions to improve social and financial performance.

Download the latest version of SPI4 here, you can also find training materials to help you conduct a self assessment.

After you have downloaded the SPI4 and conducted a self assessment you will be ready to implement the Universal Standards into your specific business. We strongly recommend starting from Dimension 1 as this is a building block for ensuring successful SPM implementation.

Click to go to Dimension 1 and get started!

SPI4 Resources

Techincal Material – SPI4 Step-by-Step Guide (57pgs)

Techicnal Material – SPTF Guidance Notes

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