The SPM Hub contains useful and relevant resources to help partners understand and implement the Universal Standards. There is already a significant amount of material already available on the websites of various industry bodies. The Hub has selected the most relevant and useful of these and also sets out the experiences and lessons learned by Opportunity partners. It is mainly focused on areas of best practice where there is an ‘Opportunity way of doing things’ and contains specific guidance and steps to take.

Partner feedback indicates that Dimension 1A and 1B of the standards are the areas where the greatest support is required from partners, especially for Opportunity customised content. For the remaining standards, implementing best practices is likely to be more ‘standard’ across the industry.

Hence we will first evaluate the value of the Hub’s Dimensions 1A and 1B to our partners, and then consider whether to extend the Hub to the remaining Dimensions. We would welcome your feedback on the usefulness and quality of content on the Hub.

Click to learn about the Universal Standards Framework

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