6. Reporting

Internal reporting

It is important to follow a structured reporting procedure. Reporting information is important because it:

  • Displays information in a manner that is clear and easy to understand for staff and management, and used for effective decision making
  • Helps communicate issues and challenges so that staff and management are on the path to achieve goals and overcome challenges.
  • Helps communicate the decision making process and rationale for key decisions
  • Helps you to understand clients better, helping serve them better and understand the impact that your organisation is having on their lives.

Internal reports should be as concise as possible (1 to 2 pages) to ensure efficient dissemination of information, which should include:

  • Outcomes/issues from data analysis: Include the source of information (clients, staff etc), what the issue is, and why it is important
  • Recommendations: Explain the potential solution, such as better service, staff training or a new product
  • Possible impacts of recommendation: Outline potential impacts of changes on your organisation and clients, both positive and negative
  • Implementation plan/actions to be taken: Outline next steps for changes to be made

External reporting

External reporting is important to highlight your social performance progress and activities to stakeholders. There are industry reporting databases and tools that will assist you in this process.

Opportunity International Partners reporting

As a partner of Opportunity International is is expected that you will:

  • Report quarterly using the SPI4 tool – this should be the responsibility of the SPM champion; and
  • Build your organisational capacity to report using SPI4

Whilst your organisation might not currently have the capacity to collect and report on ALL the data required in the SPI4 tool, you should start filling in the information as much as possible and continually add areas as you build your capacity to do so.

Reporting Resources

Technical Material – SPM Reporting Template for Board Meetings (468 kb)

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