Client Exit Interviews


Client Exit tools seek information about why the client left the program, as well as the client’s valuable opinion about the program and the impact it had on the client.

Why collect information from exiting clients?

  • Key to understanding client retention and satisfaction levels; high levels of clients exiting can undermine financial and social performance
  • Use information gathered to formulate targeted strategies to improve social and financial performance
  • Serve clients more effectively

Information captured in client exit surveys:

  • When the client left the program
  • Why the client left
  • The client’s opinion about the program’s impact on their personal and business situation
  • The client’s opinion about the program’s strength and weaknesses
  • When (or if) the client will rejoin the program
  • How likely the client is to promote/demote the program to friends and family (Net Promoter Score)

Client Exit Interview Resources

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