Using The Universal Standards Framework

This SPM Hub aims to provide you with helpful guides, tools and templates to facilitate the implementation of your organisation’s SPM strategy. This is where you can dive into the detail and gain valuable knowledge about SPM best practices, and help your organisation transition from the learning phase to the action phase.

On the Hub, you will find information on dimension one of the Universal Standards for SPM. Some of this guidance is general to all MFIs, and comes from the Universal Standards Implementation Guide.

SPTF wheel

Some of this guidance has been developed by Opportunity International with reference to the SPTF and provides greater detail tailored to our partners’ needs and experiences. This information has been uploaded onto the SPM Hub, please click on this link to view this.

Social Performance Indicator (SPI4): Self Assessment

The Social Performance Indicators 4 (SPI4) is a social performance assessment tool for MFIs. SPI4 helps MFIs evaluate their level of implementation of the Universal Standards for Social Performance Management, including the Smart Campaign Client Protection Principles.

CERISE and Opportunity International have developed a customized SPI4 tool for Opportunity International partners.

If you have not completed this assessment we recommend you start here because based on your assessment results, you will prioritize which areas of SPM to focus on. For a detailed overview of the standards, please consult the  Universal Standards Guidebook.

Click to learn more about the SPI4 tool

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