Client Protection Tools

Client Protection

Creating a safe environment for clients to participate within is crucial to the success of the microfinance industry. This environment will ensure clients are treated with, transparency, respect, and prudence. Through the implementation of SMART client protection principals, microfinance institutes can ensure to minimise abuse of the clients.

To be part of SMART Microfinance is:

  • being fully transparent in the pricing, terms and conditions of all financial products.
  • working with clients so they do not borrow more money than they can repay or use products that they do not need.
  • employing respectful collection practices and adopts high ethical standards in the treatment of clients.
  • giving clients a way to address their complaints so they can be served more effectively.
  • ensuring client data remains private.

Client Protection resources

Partner Sample – Client Protection Action Plan Worksheet

Partner Sample – Client Protection Pre-Test

Partner Sample – Client Protection Post Training Test

Technical Material – Client Protection Training (SASL).

Partner Material – Customer Rights and Responsibilities (Sahayata)

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