3. Validate and audit data

Why is data validation important?

Once data is collected it is important to validate/audit that data to ensure that it can be used for effective decision making.

Data validation > data quality > quality data analysis > quality reporting > quality decision making

The above demonstrates how data validation fits into a quality end to end process. Data is simply not worth analysing and reporting if it is not quality data. Poor data quaity can lead to poor decision making that can negatively impact on your organisation’s financial and social performance. Data validation and auditing processes ensure that we have quality data for analysis and our analysis is generating quality information that can be used for reporting and decision making. Data validation is important to verify the achievement of social goals and objectives.

Validation and Audit Data Resources

Partner Guideline – Internal Audit (RGVN)

Partner Example – Internal Audit Survey (RGVN)

Partner Guideline – Internal Audit (EDA) (3,490kb)

Click to learn more on Storing Data

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