Satisfaction Tools

Client Satisfaction

Understanding Client Satisfaction is an important step toward improving your social and financial performance. Understanding Client Satisfaction will assist you to:

  • Better serve clients by improving products and services to better suit their needs
  • Retain clients and build client loyalty, ultimately improving your financial performance

The process of measuring client satisfaction requires ongoing processes and multiple tools to monitor client attitudes toward your MFI, the products, and services you offer. In doing so, you will improve your ability to make more effective decisions.

Client Satisfaction Tools:

Opportunity International leverages a variety of tools to ensure an accurate measure of client satisfaction. Please find links to these resources below:

Net Promoter Score (NPS)

Monitor Client Retention Rate

Client Exit Interviews

Client Satisfaction resources:

Technical Material – Building Customer Loyalty (121 pgs)  – p65- 101

Technical Material – SEEP AIMS tool (368 pgs) – Chapter 7

Partner Guideline – Client Satisfaction (ASKI) (349kb)

Partner Sample – Client Satisfaction Survey (Komida)

Staff Satisfaction Tools

Staff satisfaction tools are important to improve the working environment of your organisation and maintain the productivity of staff. Remember that your staff are your most valuable asset and their satisfaction is vital to the social and financial performance of your organisation. Staff satisfaction surveying tools enable you to:

  • Understand satisfaction levels of staff
  • Understand the working environment of your organisation
  • Understand staff expectations
  • Understand reasons why staff leave your organisation
  • Adjust HR policies and systems to improve recruitment processes
  • Improve staff retention rates and reduce unfavourable staff exit

Staff Satisfaction Resources:

Please find below some specific resources for Staff Satisfaction although please note that certain client satisfaction tools can also be used to measure staff retention and satisfaction

Partner Example – Staff Satisfaction Survey (OISL)

Partner Example – Staff Exit Survey (Opportunity Bank)

Partner Example – Staff Turnover (RGVN)

Partner Guideline – Staff Turnover (RGVN)

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