Incorporating Mission Statement into business strategy (Phase 3)

Phase 3 of Standard 1A involves incorporating the social goals in your list of objectives, targets, indicators and activities (created in Phase 2) into the strategic planning process. Infusing social goals into your business plan is an essential practice that will enable your organisation’s SPM program to obtain tangible results.

In order to balance financial / operational goals with social goals, your organisation should undertake a holistic planning process, keeping in mind that:

  • Social goals should be set in the context of financial and operational constraints
  • Financial and operational goals should reflect the social mission and goals of the organisation
  • Trade-offs between social and financial goals should be considered before any goals and targets are agreed upon

Click below to download an example Business Plan Template that can be used to accompany the how-to-guide:

Business Plan template

The how-to guide provides practical suggestions for infusing your planning and decision-making process with your social goals:

  • Identify how your products/services serve your social goals
  • Identify financial considerations for each social goal
  • Identify social considerations for each financial goal
  • Apply a social lens to other internal decisions
  • Adjust SWOT analysis for social performance
  • Use social data in decision-making

Click link below to download above presentation

1A3 How-to Guide

Congratulations, you have completed Standard 1A!

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