Developing a Strategy to Achieve your Social Goals (Standard 1A)

We have broken Standard 1A into 3 logical phases which, upon successful completion, will ensure your organisation’s adherence to the Universal Standards.

Formulate your mission statement (Phase 1)
This section will assist you in formulating, or strengthening your mission statement. This should represent your core purpose and will serve as the foundation for your operations, decision-making and performance monitoring.

Breaking your mission statement down into segments (Phase 2)
In order to achieve your organisation’s mission, it needs to be broken down into individual components. This section will assist you to break down your mission.

Incorporate your social goals into your business strategy (Phase 3)
To ensure that your social performance is balanced with financial performance, your strategic planning should ensure that the relationship and trade-off between each are considered. This section will discuss these considerations and provide you with practical suggestions to achieve your social and financial goals simultaneously.

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