Additional resources

Opportunity International collaborates with other microfinance networks and participate in many industry initiatives. The following industry bodies and reports provide good resources for microfinance professionals:

  • The Social Performance Task Force (SPTF) is a group of microfinance practitioners that created the Universal Standards for social Performance Management (The Universal Standards).
  • The SMART Campaign has developed the 7 Client Protection Principles that make up responsible microfinance
  • Progress out of Poverty website has resources and information to guide organisations to start collecting PPI data
  • The Financial Inclusion 2020 Progress Report is an interactive report examining five major areas of financial inclusion.
  • MicroSave is an international financial inclusion consulting firm which provides consulting services, detailed reports and analysis on the growth of microfinance on a local and global level.
  • Opportunity’s Social Performance Management Report is an annual report created by the SPM team. It is a good resource to gain an overview of SPM in practice and see some of the social data already collected by our partners.

Resources for the Board

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