Breaking Mission Statement into Social Goals (Phase 2)

To achieve tangible results in your SPM work, you must translate your mission into practice. Though a mission statement describes your social goals, it remains aspirational and broad. In Phase 2 of standard 1A, you will define and break down its individual components in 5 steps:

1) Draw out and define the social goals in your mission statement
2) Break down each social goal into SMART objectives
3) Define indicator(s) for each objective
4) Set target(s) for each objective
5) List activities you will need to undertake to achieve social goals

The Social Performance Workbook will guide you through this 5-step process, and will provide you with a complete list of your social objectives, indicators, targets and activities to undertake to achieve your mission. Its content should inform your planning and decision-making processes and be incorporated into your business strategy (Phase 3 of Standard 1A).

Social Goal Resources

Download Slides – Breaking Mission Statement into Social Goals

Partner Material – Social Goals and SMART Objectives (Margdashak)

Partner Material – Social Indicators (Margdashak)

Click to go to Phase 3

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