The Progress out of Poverty Index (PPI) has been developed by the Grameen Foundation to assess the likelihood that households are living below the poverty line. The following resources and further information can be found via the Progress out of Poverty website.

Why use the PPI?

With PPI data you will be able make more informed strategic decisions that can improve your social and financial performance. By using the PPI you will be able to:

  • Measure poverty outreach and identify whether you are reaching target clients. Without poverty data, social performance management relies on assumptions
  • Assess the performance of your program and assess whether clients are progressing out of poverty over time
  • Track poverty levels over time
  • Make decisions that will assist you in reaching social objectives

PPI data also helps to make comparisons in social performance across products, branches and partners and is a key part of Opportunity’s reporting strategy for donors, click here to visit the SPM Report.

Country specific PPI Scorecard and Lookup tables

Click to download (You will need to create a log-in account)

PPI General Guidelines

PPI Manual

Basic Standards

Advanced Standards

PPI Certification Self Assessment Tool June 2014

Pilot and implementing resources

  • Piloting the PPI Handbook – For first time users of the PPI, this guide provides steps to be taken before a pilot stage
  • Operational readiness – A checklist to be used before implementation
  • Guide PPI Out of Home Data Collection – PPI is best conducted at client’s home, however in some cases this may not be possible. This guide provides information on alternative methods such as collecting data out of home or via phone calls
  • Sampling strategy – Checklist designed to help improve sampling strategy; to ensure that sampling is random and representative
  • Checklist for conducting interviews – Checklist to ensure enumerators are prepared for and conducting interviews

Data Analysis

PPI Training Toolkit

The following resources provide training guidelines and resources to train your staff to implement PPI.


Introduction to the PPI-« Course Flyer

Introduction to the PPI-« Participant Workbook

Introduction to the PPI-« Trainer Guide

Introduction to the PPI-« Training Evaluation Form

Introduction to the PPI-« Training Presentation

Print out for Participants – 2011 Fonkoze Mini Case Study – Rapid Response

Partner Material – Additional Questions to PPI (Komida)

Partner Material – Additional Questions to the PPI (Dia Vikas)

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