Introduction to this Hub

How this Hub can help you:

Opportunity International endorses The Universal Standards for Social Performance Management (The Universal Standards), which include the Smart Campaign‘s Client Protection Principles. This Hub has been designed to assist you with implementing these standards as best practice in Social Performance.

Opportunity and its microfinance partners share a social mission to help those living in poverty transform their lives. Positive impact on clients’ lives is the reason our institutions exist. Operational strength and financial sustainability are key to ensuring that our partners can persist, grow and provide services to an expanding number of people in poverty. However, we are committed to ensuring that the strongest client protections are in place across all of our services – hence our commitment to the Smart Campaign Client Protection Principles.

Further, we believe that The Universal Standards are an important set of wider best practices that can add value to our partners and lead to better services and outcomes for clients. We appreciate the challenge, and in some instances financial costs, of implementing best practices – reaching a high standard in implementation is a journey for institutions that aspire to client focus.

We have seen the benefits to our partners, and their clients, across our network from implementing these best practices and we wish to do whatever we can to reduce the cost and improve the ease and effectiveness with which they are adopted – hence this SPM Information Hub.

What is Social Performance Management (SPM)?

Social Performance is the effective translation of your social mission into practice.

Social Performance Management (SPM) is the system you use to set, track, and ultimately achieve your social goals.

Why SPM?

Integrating Social Performance Management into your MFI will assist you to:

  • Design products and services that clients desire and are effective in meeting their needs
  • Continuously improve services to clients, and maximise benefits to households
  • Reach your target clients in a sustainable way by improving financial and social objectives
  • Identify specific underlying issues and solve them in a targeted and informed way
  • Understand intended and unintended impacts of your MFI on clients’ livelihoods and at the community level.
  • Monitor the effectiveness of your services and demonstrate your impact to external stakeholders

Opportunity SPM Team:

Calum Scott – Global Impact Director
Calum oversees Opportunity’s global SPM program

Tatiana Peralta – Project Manager – Asia
Tatiana manages SPM implementation for Asian partners

Kate Saunders – Project Manager – Africa and China
Kate manages SPM implementation for African partners

Nicole Wong – Social Performance Analyst
Nicole creates analysis and reporting tools and manages SPM data from all regions

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